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Chronic Pain and Supportive Care

Endometriosis Pain Center

Endometriosis is responsible for pain that generally begins during menstruation and later progresses to between periods. Despite the proven effectiveness of medical and surgical treatments, pain directly linked to endometriosis can occur with neuropathic type painwhich appears following irritation, infiltration or dysfunction of the pelvic nerves. The evolution of this pain becomes independent from endometriosis pain and persists after complete treatment or the disappearance of the endometriosis lesions themselves.

This type of pain requires specific management by a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the treatment of different forms of pain. The team is led by a doctor specialized in pain management, and may include osteopaths, physiotherapists, psychologists, specialized nurses and doctors skilled in the use of acupuncture, hypnosis and relaxation therapies.

This treatment is reserved for a small number of patients who continue to experience disabling pain despite suitable medical and surgical treatment.


Infertility treatment, ovarian preservation, PMA treatment with a gynecological surgeon specialized in infertility.


Follow-up and treatment of chronic pain due to endometriosis lesions, with an algologist specialized in pain.


Osteopathic physiotherapy effectively treats pelvic pain and pain related to endometriosis.

sex therapy

48% of women with endometriosis have impaired sex life due to the disease. Follow-up by a sex therapist can be beneficial.