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Endometriosis care :

What is a sexologist or sex therapist?

Sexology is a specialization requiring a 3-year university education, recognized by the State and certified by a diploma. It is available to health professionals (general practitioners, psychologists, gynecologists, psychiatrists, physical therapists, etc.).

A sex therapist treats “visible” dysfunctions(dyspareunia, lubrication, erection, ejaculation etc.) and also the psychological disorders that are often intrinsically linked to them (issues concerning desire, arousal, marital conflicts etc.).

The therapist’s job consists in helping patient(s) find asolution to their sexual problems and answer the questions they have about their sexuality. A sex therapist deals with the “technical” aspect of sexuality as well as psychological aspects.

Patients suffering from a chronic disease are often subject to difficulties in their sexual life. The objective is to accompany patients towards fulfilling sexuality and better quality of life.

What disorders are treated by the sex therapist psychologist?

  • Sexual disorders:
    • desire-related disorders: decrease/absence of libido (hypoactive desire), excess of libido (hyperactive desire), fluctuating libido
    • arousal disorders: erectile dysfunction, lubrication disorders (vaginal dryness)
    • pleasure disorders: difficulty reaching orgasm, anorgasmia, ejaculation disorders (rapid, delayed, anejaculation)
    • dyspareunia, vulvodynia
    • vaginismus, perineal hypertonia
  • Marital problems: conflicts, communication difficulties…
  • Mood disorders: depression, bipolar disorder
  • Behavioral disorders: OCD, phobias
  • Anxiety

Role of a sex therapist psychologist

The sex therapist psychologist accompanies patients towards an improved sense of well-being and quality of life in many areas of life; personal, sexual, professional, social, marital aspects etc.
He or She will also confront misinformation and false beliefs, unfortunately widespread around issues of sexuality.

The therapist seeks to listen, analyze and understand the disorders that patients may have and to introduce a therapeutic method to accompany them in the best way possible, without judgment and with a caring approach.

What happens at the consultation?

During outpatient treatment at IFEM Endo, the patient is seen by the sex therapist psychologist, alone or with their partner, depending on her situation and wishes.

Together they discuss the different areas of life affected by the health problem (social, professional, marital, sexual, family, parental life, etc.).

If the patient wishes, short or medium term personalized therapy (individual and/or with a partner) can be put in place.

The therapeutic approach is chosen according to the patient’s difficulties, background and disposition. The approach taken is often systemic and integrative. It can also be cognitive-behavioral (CBT), psychodynamic, body-based or analytical.

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