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Data Protection

The Franco-European Multidisciplinary Endometriosis Institute, IFEM Endo, is particularly committed to respecting the privacy and confidentiality of its patients’ personal data. Aware of the importance of this data, we are committed to protecting it in accordance with current regulations applicable in France.

In order to ensure that your personal data is perfectly respected, we provide details below of the conditions and methods of data collection, use of your personal data and your rights and obligations.

1- Some definitions

“We” or “IFEM Endo”: refers to the Franco-European Multidisciplinary Endometriosis Institute;

“our Site” or “the Site”: refers to the website ;

« GDPR » : General Data Protection Regulation is the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council dated 27 April 2016 concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data ;

“You”means any visitor to our Site whose personal data we collect, including patients whose personal health data we collect via our Site.

2- Data controller

The data controller is the legal or natural person who determines the purposes and means used for processing.

We act as data controller for personal data collected from consultation forms as well as for navigation on the Site.

3- What personal data do we collect?

We collect personal data about you exclusively in relation to the purposes described below, in order to optimize the quality of our services and to allow efficient handling of your medical file.

It is important that you inform us immediately of any change in your personal data so that we can update your file. Failure to do so may prevent us from providing some of our services.

You will find details of the personal data we collect below:

  • Data relating to your identity (title, surname, first names, age, home address, home telephone number, e-mail address, number of children, language spoken);
  • Data relating to social protection (Social Security number, health insurance);
  • Browsing data on our Site (IP address, browsing origin, browsing data, browser version and type, operating system used, domain and time of the request, number of connections, pages consulted);
  • Health data (fertilization conditions, desire for pregnancy, endometriosis operations performed, surgical reports, hormone treatment, pain during and outside of menstruation, pain during sexual intercourse, digestive problems during menstruation, MRI results).

4- For what purposes do we collect your personal data?

We collect your personal data for the following purposes:

Legal basis
Response to a contact message or to any request
This processing is based on our legitimate interest to improve the quality of our services
Holding of a medical file
This processing is based on our legal obligations
Making appointments
This processing is based on our legitimate interest to improve the quality of our services.
Management of requests for access, rectification and opposition rights
This processing is based on our legal obligations

5- When do we collect your personal data?

We collect your personal data:

  • when you visit our Site, in particular by means of cookies and other web analysis technologies;
  • when you contact us by email or by phone;
  • when you make an appointment with IFEM Endo.

In general, we take care to minimize any collection of personal data about you and undertake to collect only the data that is necessary for each of the purposes below.

Under the terms of the documents under which we collect your personal data, either (where asterisks are present) the data marked with an asterisk is required for your requests or to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation, or (where no asterisks are present) all the information requested from you is required for your requests or to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation. Failure to provide us with this information may prevent us from responding to your requests. 6- How long do we keep your personal data?

6- How long do we keep your personal data?

The length of time we keep your personal data differs depending on the purpose for which we collect it.

We have summarized in the following table the main conservation periods that we apply:

Length of retention of personal data
Management of the patient file
Conservation period in the active database :
for the duration of the patient’s operational management (during a consultation, hospitalization, or an examination) and then 20 years from the last visit for care (the patient’s last stay or outpatient consultation within the facility).

Special case:
Death: if the patient dies less than 10 years after his last visit to the institution, his file is kept for 10 years from the date of his death.
Under 18’s: when the record conservation period ends before the holder’s 28th birthday, conservation is extended until that date.
Management of IFEM Endo
5 years from the last intervention on the patient’s record
Statistics from webtracking
13 months
Browsing data on our Site
1 year
Identification document required in case of exercising the right to access or rectification
1 year
Identification document required in case of exercising the right of opposition
3 years

At the end of these periods, your personal data will be irreversibly deleted or rendered anonymous.

However, your personal data may be kept beyond the indicated periods in the following cases

  • to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation, for the time required to fulfil the obligation in question;
  • to respond to a legal process, for the duration of the statute of limitations provided by applicable law;
  • to respond to a legal action for the duration of the legal action.

7- Who are the recipients of your personal data?

All data that you share with us, or that we collect from you, will be kept secret and will not be disclosed to third parties, except if required by law or if the data must be transmitted in order to execute the request made or the contractual relationship to which you have subscribed.

Thus, only authorized IFEM Endo personnel have access to your personal data, namely Professor Horace Roman and Doctors Benjamin Merlot and Dennis Thomas.

However, your personal data may be transmitted to our third party service providers, namely DIOXYJEN GRAPHIC and OVH, only when necessary.

We strictly require our service providers and third parties to use your personal data only to manage the services we ask them to provide. We also require these service providers and third parties to always act in accordance with applicable data protection laws and to pay particular attention to the confidentiality and security of your data.

We may also be required to disclose your data to third parties in order to comply with a legal order.

8- Can my personal data be transferred outside the European Union?

We take care to ensure the security of your data and do not transfer them outside the European Union.

However, if such a transfer were to occur, we will inform you and assure you that we will take special care to ensure that the transfer is carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations and will put in place rigorous and appropriate organizational, procedural and technical measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal data.

9- What cookies are deposited when using our site?

When you visit our Site, cookies are deposited on your computer, your mobile or your tablet.

You will find below information allowing you to better understand how cookies work and how to use the current tools to set them.

Cookies are small text files that websites put on the hard disk of your computer, your mobile or your tablet, when you visit a website. Their purpose is to collect information relating to your navigation and to allow certain functions. In particular, cookies help us to know what information you like, in order to guarantee you a fluid and optimal navigation on our Site and to guarantee the performance of the latter.

In your computer, your mobile or your tablet, the cookies are managed by your internet browser.

  • Purpose of cookies

Our Site uses navigation cookies, in particular via Google Analytics. These cookies allow the user to better navigate the Site, to access all its features and to measure its audience.

  • Accepting or refusing cookies

You have different ways to manage cookies.

Setting your Internet browser

You can choose to deactivate these cookies at any time.

Your browser can also be set to notify you of cookies that are placed on your computer and ask you to accept them or not. Your browser can also be set to notify you when cookies are placed on your computer and to ask you to accept or decline them.

You can accept or refuse cookies on a case-by-case basis or systematically refuse them once and for all.

We remind you that the setting is likely to change your conditions of access to our services requiring the use of cookies.

The configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will allow you to know how to modify your wishes regarding cookies.

if you use Internet Explorer™: EN/windows-vista/Block-or-allow-cookies

if you are using Safari™:

if you use Chrome™:,

if you use Firefox™: ,

if you use Opera™:

For more information on how cookies and targeted advertising work, you can visit

Settings on a cookie management platform

You can manage your cookies by visiting cookie management platforms provided by advertising professionals.

To learn more about cookies and their management, visit the CNIL website click on the “Help” option in your browser menu.

10- What are your rights regarding the processing of your personal data?

In accordance with the regulations in force, you have the following rights:

  • right of access to your personal data in our databases and as such you have a right of access to your patient file,
  • the right to rectify or delete your data, it being specified that this right may be limited in accordance with our legal obligations,
  • the right to limit the processing of your personal data in the cases provided for by the regulations and in particular by Article 18 of the RGPD,
  • the right to portability of your data,
  • the right to object to the collection and processing of your data on legitimate grounds,
  • right to withdraw your consent at any time, for the processing for which we have collected your consent.

You can exercise these rights, free of charge, by sending us a request accompanied by proof of identity (by choice):

  • by email: contact form
  • by mail to the following address Institut Franco-Européen Multidisciplinaire d’Endométriose, 91 rue de Rivière, 33000 BORDEAUX.

You also have the right to file a complaint with the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL). Naturally, we are at your disposal in case of any difficulty to find an amicable solution.

You may also give general or specific instructions to a trusted third party certified by the CNIL or to IFEM Endo, concerning the conservation, deletion and communication of your personal data after your death. You may designate a person to carry out these instructions and change them at any time. In the absence of directives given during your lifetime, your heirs will be able to exercise certain rights, in particular the right of access.

11- Updating of our data protection policy

We may occasionally modify or amend our personal data protection policy in order to update it, particularly with regard to changes in our activities.

We therefore invite you to consult it regularly and in particular during each visit to our Site in order to take note of its latest version.

However, we will make sure to inform you of any substantial change in the use of your personal data by IFEM Endo and/or ask for your consent if necessary.

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