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You will soon undergo surgery at the Tivoli-Ducos Clinic. You will be taken care of by the anesthetics team which includes 8 anesthetists, 7 nurses specialized in anesthetists (IADE) and 2 members of the administrative team available for contact.

Make an appointment before your surgery

You will need to have a pre-anesthesia assessment no less than 48 hours and up to 2 months before your surgery date. This assessment will take place at the clinic or by teleconsultation depending on where you live or whether you are undergoing a second surgery. An appointment can be directly made via Doctolib.

What happens at the pre-anesthesia assessment?

This will be an opportunity to discuss your situation, medical problems and allergies in order to determine the most suitable anesthetics for your surgery. The anesthetist will discuss with you about the care you will receive and give safety instructions. This is an ideal moment to ask any questions you may have. The anesthetist will decide on pre-operative assessment. The doctor who sees you in consultation will usually give and monitor your anesthetics, however under certain circumstances, such as emergencies, this may be carried out by one of the 8 associates.


After the operation, you will be taken to the recovery room and then to the surgical or continuing care ward to monitor your recovery and convalescence. You will receive the latest anesthesia techniques to ensure rapid recovery and relieve pain or nausea.
The anesthetist visits the Continuing Care Unit every morning. In the general surgery ward, we visit immediately after surgery and then at the request of our colleagues if required.

Doctors Bruce, Castera, Chouraki, Counioux, de Cazes, Delfosse, Etchebarne, Herpe and Soubirou.


Admission for endometriosis surgery.

Planning your stay

Planning your stay
What happens during the operation and hospital stay?


What happens after your operation?

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about staying in hospital