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Franco European Multidisciplinary Institute of Endometriosis

Expert center specialized in endometriosis care

The Franco-European Multidisciplinary Endometriosis Institute (IFEM Endo) is a private health care clinic dedicated to providing medical and surgical care for endometriosis, as well as clinical research  and medical and paramedical  training for this disease. IFEM Endo is located at the Tivoli-Ducos Clinic in Bordeaux.


Why create an expert center for endometriosis care? How was the IFEM Endo Institute created?

Our values

Comprehensive, multidisciplinary and tailor-made endometriosis care.

Key figures

Discover the key figures that place IFEM Endo among the leading endometriosis surgery centers in Europe.

The endometriosis specialist team

Discover the multidisciplinary team at IFEM Endo.

Multidisciplinary Consultation Meeting (MCM)

A MCM brings together doctors from different specialties in order to establish a multidisciplinary care strategy for endometriosis.


Our center is certified as a Center of Excellence for Multidisciplinary Management of Endometriosis.

Our partners

IFEM Endo works in collaboration with national and international endometriosis specialists.

Testimonials from foreign visitors

110 gynecological and digestive surgeons have visited our center to improve their knowledge in endometriosis care. Read their testimonials.