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Our values

Endometriosis care

By creating this Franco-European Multidisciplinary Endometriosis Institute, we provide care for women suffering from different forms of endometriosis, guided by the following principles :


We offer holistic care, focused on your personal situation. Whatever your situation, the team will offer you a range of solutions for managing your disease and its consequences (pain, infertility, emotional difficulties, etc.).


Your disease often requires the involvement of several specialists in order to ensure comprehensive and personalized care.
Our team is composed of endometriosis specialists each with different areas of expertise (surgery, infertility, diagnosis, pain management).


Our aim is to be good listeners and to have a caring approach. This implies putting time aside, so consultation times may vary depending on the complexity of your case.
Your case may also be discussed in a multidisciplinary consultation meeting and require several appointments for discussion of your treatment plan with you.
Our goal is to provide you with the most appropriate solution for your situation, and for you to feel at ease to discuss solutions with us.


Thanks to our administrative team who are available to hear from you, our team of nurses who are specifically trained in this disease, both in the clinic and for home care, and our on-call surgery service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are able to respond quickly to unforeseen events relating to surgical and medical treatment and to ensure optimal safety and well-being for our patients.

Our expertise

Our team provide clinical care all year round and are involved in over 3750 endometriosis consultations and more than 700 endometriosis and 300 colorectal endometriosis surgeries annually. We also provide surgical treatment for rare forms of endometriosis of the pelvic nerves and the diaphragm.

Our center is considered one of the leading centers in France and in Europe.
Our center also places a priority on clinical research, enabling us to offer care in line with scientific developments.


IFEM Endo’s activity is exclusively dedicated to endometriosis and is the only clinic in France to do so. This allows the development of much specialized surgery, along with focused clinical research and advanced surgical training.
Surgical care provided forendometriosis of the digestive tract, sacral plexus and diaphragm, makes IFEM Endo one of the leading centers for endometriosis surgery in Europe.

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