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Pluridisciplinary Consultation Meetings (RCP)

The RCP brings together doctors from different specialties(gynecologists, radiologists, reproductive specialists, digestive surgeons and urologists), practicing in different centres in the Bordeaux metropolitan area, to define multidisciplinary management strategies for patients with complex forms of endometriosis.

Conduct of multidisciplinary consultation meetings

PCRs are major events for our center.

These meetings are held monthly and generally take place on the first Tuesday of each month, starting at 7pm.

The participating clinicians come from IFEM Endo, the Clinic Jean Vilar in Bruges and the Clinic Bagatelle in Talence. Every 2nd month, the RCP are organized with the Bordeaux University Hospital team. Physicians can participate on site or by videoconference.

RCP participating doctors

As doctors come from different centres, hosting of RCPs rotates between the centres The RCPs are open to gynecologists, general practitioners and midwives practicing in local surgeries, as well as clinicians from the many centres in New Aquitaine, who can present a case and request an opinion.

To submit a patient file, physicians must first complete an administration form for each patient and provide the DICOM file of a recent MRI examination for review. The conclusions of the RCP are written up by the IFEM Endo secretary and sent out to the doctor responsible for the management of the patient.

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