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scientific articles published from 2018 to 2021


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Clinical research
on endometriosis

The Franco-European Multidisciplinary Endometriosis Institute(IFEM Endo) is developing an extensive and internationally recognized clinical research activity.

The research activity covers different domains :


of patient data

Analysis of data recorded prospectively, day by day, concerning patients who undergo endometriosis surgery at the Tivoli-Ducos Clinic. The data are recorded in the CIRENDO cohort (Inter-Regional North-West Cohort of patients operated on for Endometriosis), which Prof. Horace Roman set up at Rouen University Hospital, starting in June 2009, with the support of Rouen University Hospital (promoter of the cohort) and the G4 grouping ( University Hospital of Lille, Rouen, Amiens and Caen). The cohort benefits from wide international recognition, due to the large number of patients (more than 3,500) followed-up long term. This cohort has allowed the publication of numerous clinical studies focused on the surgical management of various forms of endometriosis, mainly of the digestive tract and ovaries. NCT02294825.



Implementation of randomized studies:

  • EFFORT (bi-centric study, with the University of Aarhus, Denmark) , Impact of Operation on Fertility for Women With Severe Endometriosis (EFFORT), NCT04610710.
  • EVEREST (Excision of deep endometriosis infiltrating the vagina and rectum, with or without stoma of preventive discharge: a randomized trial) National PHRC project 20-0502 retained in phase 1. Principal Investigator: Pr Roman, Sponsor: Clinique Tivoli-Ducos, Fund manager: CHU de Rouen, methodology: Pr Fauconnier (CHU Poissy)

Participation as an investigating center in multicenter clinical trials :

  • MESURE (MEdical versus SUrgical management of Rectal Endometriosis, national PHRC obtained by Pr Roman in 2013, whose promoter is the CHU of Rouen), NCT01973816
  • ENDOFERT (Impact of complete surgery for colorectal infiltrating ednometriosis on fertility, sponsored by Lille University Hospital), NCT02948972
  • EndoHOME: Effect of Endocare Home Treatment on Pain in Women Suffering from Chronic Pelvi-Perineal Pain Associated with Endometriosis.



Participation in research studies sponsored by various institutions or companies located in France or abroad:

  • LUCINE SINGLECARE: pain management in endometriosis by a virtual audiovisual method.
  • ENDOSEARCH: the first non-invasive diagnostic test for endometriosis.
  • EDAP TMS, ENDO HIFU R1: evaluation of the treatment of rectal endometriosis using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU).
  • Morfologia degli eventi molecolari della Deeply Infiltrative Endometriosis with Prof Andrea Modesti (Rome, Italy) and Prof Ilaria Tresoldi (Aarhus, Denmark) N° R S 217 19
  • ENDOmiARN Saliva Test Study: Multicentric Validation of the Salivary Signature of Endometriosis miRNAs.

Scientific articles

From January 2018 to September 2021, the founding members of IFEM Endo wrote or collaborated on 80 scientific articles, which were published in international or French journals: 66 original articles, 10 meta-analyses or literature reviews, 4 editorials.

These publications correspond to a total of 1,347 SIGAPS points.

Among these articles, 41 original scientific articles (52%) were published in journals of rank A or B (the 25% best international scientific journals in the specialty of gynecology-obstetrics).

scientific article
original article
meta-analyses or literature review

*The assessment of the scientific value of a publication is based on the SIGAPS system (Système d’Interrogation, de Gestion et d’Analyse des Publications Scientifiques), which was initiated at the CHRU of Lille in 2002 and aims at listing and analyzing scientific publications for establishments with medical research activities. The SIGAPS score is calculated according to the category of the journal (rank journals A=8 points, B=6 points, C=4 points, D=3 points, E=2 points, NC=1 point) and the position of the researcher in the authors with the following coefficients Author in position 1=4 points, 2=3 points, 3=2 points, Intermediate=1 point, Second to last=3 points, Last=4 points. For example, an article with rank A as first author has a score of 8×4, which means 32 points. The rank of a journal is established from the annual world ranking of scientific journals, by specialty (in our case gynecology-obstetrics-fertility): the 10% best journals are ranked A, the next 15% in rank B, the next 25% in rank C, the next 25% in rank D and the last 25% in rank E.

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