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The drafting of the proposals of the working groups involved in the National Strategy against Endometriosis is progressing!

The “Care Pathway” Working Group is pleased to send the Ministry of Health, Ms. MEP Dr. Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, the final document that crowns its work, based on the 18 hearings, the many exchanges with different actors or members of other working groups, and consensus-building discussions among members of our group. We are grateful to all those who have agreed to give us some of their time.

We are happy and proud of this opportunity and we hope that our joint work contributes to a real improvement in the overall management of endometriosis in our country.

Pr Horace Roman, Pr Michael Grynberg, Pr Anne Bottet, Dr Marie Florin, Ms Yasmine Candau, Ms Priscilla Saracco, Ms Anne Charlotte Salavert, M Jérémie Casabielhe