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for endometriosis

Consultations take place at IFEM Endo, at 5 rue Auguste POIRSON, 33000 Bordeaux (building located between the 2 entrances of the Tivoli clinic).

Consultations are exclusively dedicatedto endometriosis sufferers.

When to consult at IFEM Endo?

To arrange a consultation, a diagnosis of endometriosis must already have been made. Unfortunately, presently our team is unable to carry out Screening consultations for women or adolescents with symptoms compatible with endometriosis, who have not previously undergone a clinical examination or imaging to confirm it. For this reason, we require a pelvic MRI to be performed beforehand.

Our consultations are reserved particularly for women with severe forms of endometriosis, with digestive, urinary, diaphragmatic or sacral root involvement. Women who suffer from severe forms of the disease may require complex, long and difficult operations leading to risks both during and after surgery. Putting our expertise to their service is for us a priority.

Nevertheless, all women suffering from endometriosis are welcomeat IFEM Endo, even if their radiology scans do not indicate severe endometriosis or if an MRI is considered normal. Our goal is to offer all women a personalized care plan which may or may not involve surgery, and to tailor our response to each woman’s needs, made possible by our multidisciplinary team.

As a general rule we do not see women who have recently undergone surgery elsewhere and for whom surgery is considered complete (3-6 months ago). In addition, we do not see women who consider that their surgery has brought sufficient improvement, who wish to have a second opinion on the treatment performed, or who simply wish to have information on endometriosis in general. We believe that the surgeons who performed the surgery are those best able to provide answers to any questions, at least in the first year after the surgery.

To establish a diagnosis of endometriosis, please contact your general practitioner, gynecologist or a local midwife. In France, regional representatives of the EndoFrance association are available to support and guide you through the process.

an appointment

To make an appointment, you should provide us with the results of a pelvic MRI confirming endometriosis or send us a CD of the test so that it can be reviewed by one of our doctors.

Our administrative team will also ask you a few questions to help us set up a consultation tailored to your circumstances and with the shortest possible waiting time.

We will also ask you to fill out a personal details form before scheduling your appointment.

Should the doctor that you have chosen not be the most specialized for the type of endometriosis you suffer from, you will be offered an appointment with another doctor and the reasons for this will be explained.

Entering your details on the NO ENDO platform

Having received your appointment, a member of our research team will contact you and ask you to connect to the NO ENDO platform. You will be given a code to create your personal file.

Once on the NO ENDO platform, you will be asked to provide information about your medical, surgical and obstetrical history, including symptoms related to endometriosis. You will also be asked to answer several questionnaires which measure the impact of endometriosis on your general quality of life, particularly concerning digestive, urinary and sexual functions.

Should you undergo surgery, the doctors will also complete a questionnaire concerning intraoperative data and the procedures performed.

You will later be asked to answer follow-up questionnaires at 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 years later.

Here are the 3 of the most important reasons for providing this information:

  • At the first consultation, your doctor has both an overall and thorough view of your health condition in relation to endometriosis, with no missing details.
  • You maintain access to your file on the platform at all times, with long-term follow-up, even if at a later date you wish to undergo treatment elsewhere.
  • The data is anonymous and used for clinical research in endometriosis, via the IFEM Endo cohort and includes all patients who have consulted or undergone surgery in our clinic. This data when combined with those of patients from other NO ENDO participating centers, provides a national cohort of patients treated for endometriosis across France.

The creation of the NO ENDO platform by Professor Nicolas Bourdel at Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital, is a major advance in endometriosis management in France and we are delighted to be able to give you the opportunity to benefit from it.

What happens at the consultation?

Consultations can sometimes take a long time depending on the complexity of the woman’s clinical history. For this reason, there may sometimes be a waiting time. If you do not live in Bordeaux, we do not advise you to book a train or plane back home within 4 to 5 hours of the appointment time.

During this interview, the doctor will ask you about your medical history and about previous and present symptoms. The doctor will refer to data previously entered on the NO ENDO platform.

You will be offered a gynecological examination which includes a vaginal examination to look for signs of deep endometriosis. If surgery is suggested, the doctor will give you detailed information on the technique used, the reasons for suggesting this technique, expected results and possible complications. . The doctor will use different ways (drawings, diagrams, slideshows, videos) to help you understand the specifics of the proposed surgical treatment. It is a good idea to come to the consultation with your partner or a family member. Recordings of consultations are in general not allowed.


A teleconsultation, generally via Doctolib, may also be proposed in line with regulations stipulated by the state health insurance office (CPAM). To have a teleconsultation, you will need to confirm the appointment and provide credit card details. It is important to note that during a teleconsultation the doctor is unable to examine you, an on-site consultation will therefore be required before any surgery. . Before the teleconsultation, you will need to send us all of your test results, including MRI CDs, so that the doctor can consult them before the interview.

If you are offered Medically Assisted Reproduction, the doctor will refer you to the clinic nearest to your home or to the clinic best able to provide treatment for you.


The price of the consultationdepends on the time taken and the specific expertise of the doctor you meet. Prices exceed French national health statutory pricing for consultations by 100 to 200%, and can be totally or partially covered by your complementary health insurance.

Proposed surgery

If your doctor suggests surgery, you will have an appointment with an anesthetist no later than 48 hours before surgery.
If the surgery requires suturing of the digestive tract, you will be able to meet with a digestive surgeon before surgery. Similarly, you can meet a urological surgeon if your operation requires suture of the ureter.

When scheduling your surgery, our administrative team will explain how to prepare for surgery and give details on the expected surgical time and on what happens during your stay in the clinic. They will propose additional appointments with other specialists and give you an estimate of surgery costs and reasons for any extra fees (except for patients with special health insurance cover). The team remain available to answer any questions you may have before your stay at the clinic.

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After reading the information about the consultation at our center, you would like to make an appointment with one of our endometriosis specialists.