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Surgery for diaphragmatic

Management of diaphragmatic and thoracic endometriosis

Diaphragmatic lesions are not always symptomatic
but during menstruation they may cause pain in the right shoulder, right scapula, or at the base of the right hemithorax. In some cases, diaphragmatic lesions cause recurrent episodes of pneumothorax during menstruation.

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Diaphragmatic endometriosis lesions are regularly identified during laparoscopy, as black microcysts, area of fibrous tissue or holes in the diaphragm.

In a series of 1560 patients undergoing surgery at Rouen University Hospital, we found diaphragm lesions in 10.8% of cases (Stochino-Loi, Roman et al, JMIG 2020). In 90% of cases they were found in the right hemicupola of the diaphragm. This suggests that their appearance is linked to the reflux theory, as well as to the way peritoneal fluid circulates.

Endométriose diaphragme kystes

Diaphragm surgery is performed on women who present with the painful symptoms mentioned above and concerns 20-25% of women found to have lesions.

In our clinical practice, surgery for diaphragm lesions is preceded by an MRI scan of the diaphragm, the aim of which is to explore the posterior part of the diaphragm, which is hidden by the liver and cannot be seen during laparoscopy of the pelvis.

The surgery is performed in a second phase, after pelvic surgery, as it requires a different technique and set up.

Surgery for diaphragmatic endometriosis

Diaphragm surgery can be performed laparoscopically, with or without robotic assistance.

At IFEM Endo, we currently perform this surgery by laparoscopy with robotic assistance.

We meticulously remove the lesions, sometimes along with fragments of the diaphragmatic muscle, which we then repair with a suture, with or without a prosthetic mesh. An exploration of the thoracic cavity, the parietal pleura and the lung is carried out if the diaphragm is opened.

The operation time ranges from 1 to 2 hours. Complications are very rare.

The hospital stay is short, and the patient is usually discharged the next day. Sick leave requires 3 to 4 weeks, depending on a patient’s professional activity.

20 to 25 patients with diaphragmatic endometriosis receive surgery each year at our clinic.

Chirurgie endométriose robotique

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patients treated each year in our clinic


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of patients are free of pain in the right shoulder after surgery

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